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Welcome to Port Imperial Pooches

Where Every Tail is Greeted with Wagging!"

Who is Port Imperial Pooches?

Founded by a group of passionate dog owners along the scenic waterfront of Port Imperial in Hudson County, NJ, we’re more than just pet enthusiasts; we’re party animals with a passion for all things canine! Dive into a world of paw-some events, fur-tastic gatherings, and non-stop tail-wagging fun. Join us for a barking good time where every day is a doggone great adventure, and the laughter never ends!

Explore our Paw-some Past Events


Spring Pet Festival

Ugly Sweater Party

Paws for a Purpose

Our Inspiration

Meet Mocha: The Paws Behind the Magic at Port Imperial Pooches! Our Cavapoo President and Co-Founder, Mocha, not only rules the roost but also inspired the birth of our fur-tastic community in Port Imperial. From humble beginnings, we’ve grown into a lively pack, wagging our way through Facebook, Instagram, and now our very own webpage. Mocha, you’re not just a pet; you’re the heart and soul of our dog-loving family. We woof you!” 🐾❤️

Sniff Around Our Photo Gallery

Enough sniffing around, let's get barking!

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